Go Forth And Conquer

I try to look back on my life to make sure I am aware of where a began. With our eyes fixated forward, this is often something overlooked. I can recall not being able to run a mile or lift much of anything. Not that I am identifying as a world-class athlete because I am not. I am just someone who is voraciously looking to grow. The person we were and the thoughts we thought and the actions we took got us to where we stand today. My question to you is where are you wanting to go? That person you are now will need to transform to behave like the individual that has already accomplished that next milestone. So what does this evolved version of you do? What time do you get up, what do you eat ? How do you go about your day? Who do you speak with? What projects are you working on? As I sit in silence each morning I look to take the actions that man would take. Not the actions the man took that got me here today. These new actions will need to be bolder and smarter. Look back to where you started but only briefly. Create your new possibility and take actions that align with that person.

Go forth and conquer.