Be Bigger In Your Goal Setting!

Everything we set out to do is often underestimated.

We set the bar too low and become discouraged when we don’t reach it. What if the problem was you are being too small in your goal setting. What kind if actions would you then be taking? How persistent would you need to be to achieve a much more ambitious target? Rather you have financial ambitions or fitness ambitions this process is the same. This can lead us down a deep colorful rabbit hole of what-if thinking. What if thinking can lead to catastrophizing everything. The funny thing is:

  1. You made that whole thing up.
  2. It’s highly likely what you are thinking isn’t going to happen.
  3. You can aim all day, but you are still going to make mistakes, so go make them.

What Seems Unattainable Is What We Must Go After

What if you signed up for a competition or decided to take part in the Houston Marathon. This would certainly have enough gravitational pull to get you to take many many more actions you would never take if losing 25 lbs was your goal.

Aim hi and be ruthless in your persistence. Maybe a Crossfit Style Competition is in order? We have some friends at Crossfit 1836 hosting a proper throw down. Register for that HERE. If you do this you will achieve your goal, I assure you.

There are lessons in the journey however you need to be successful in your achievement. To read deeper into this have a look at this bite-sized read a bit on doing things differently.

Be Big Be Bold

Drew Thomas