5 Actions to Take To Become Extraordinary

What I Learned While Learning

Here are a few things to help you in the pursuit of accomplishing what you love. I have come to observe that progress is many small decisions made over a long period of time. I hope this finds you well!


  1. LEAN INTO YOU – Love who you are and love the ones who love who you are. Don’t fill your life up with people that like to cut you off at the knees. They’re out there and are dicks.
  2. HAVE GRACE – Don’t beat yourself up for not being good right away. Wisdom is obtained through failures. It is those who let failure stop them that lose. Winning comes to those who apply their life lessons to their strategic approach.
  3. BREAK IT DOWN – Everything is done one small chunk at a time. Have grace and just take action in the direction in which you want to go. You will get there eventually.
  4. THINK BIG – Your a powerhouse, be big be bold and take chances.
  5. VOYAGE – The voyage is when you combine steps 1-4 and make it apart of who you are. This is where extraordinary lives.

Find What You Love

Find what you love then break it down into little bits of attention at a time. For example, I have been writing for about 15 minutes and I am going to be taking a break go play with my son and come back to finish this up. I’ll probably do that 3 or 4 times. My writing speed isn’t where id like it to be but it will get there. If you have read this far thank you and I know you will get to your destination as well. As Steve Jobs said, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”