To get where you want to go you have to change everything

Maybe you have some goals in the form of body composition. 


Maybe you have some financial goals you have made for yourself.

Maybe you have some relationship goals you would like to see come to fruition.   Yet the forest seems long and arduous, and you

are right to make that assumption.   The people that find success simply know how to get through the forest. Those who don’t

usually don’t go deep enough or are too immobilized by fear of failure and don’t even make the attempt.  The forest is a

completely different landscape once you are in it. The tools required and vastly different than the ones currently in your

position.  Do acquire what you do not have you must make the behavior changes that create positive compounding habits.  If you

don’t it is highly likely you will be sitting in the same seat for years to come because you were afraid to make a shift in your



That is scarier than any risk to me.