Accountability Partner

Discuss and Listen 

After finishing up the book, ” The Compound Effect” I was encouraged to setup an accountability partner and did so the following day.   My friend Nick is just as passionate as I am about books and learning and we both have strengths we bring to our meeting.  We had our first meeting yesterday over chips and salsa.  I had 2 Cuban expressos which geeked me out a little more than i was planning on.   He arrives with 4 pages of bulleted notes market in.  It was really kinda everything he is working on and looking at goals challenges checklists etc. It was amazing, I did the Perfect Day exercise and it was neat to see the gears crank.   A lot of people have never put thought into what their perfect day even is!   Do you?  Does what you do every day move you closer to that perfect day?    I am super excited and I have a good feeling him and I will be meeting like this for years on end.   It’s very informal and we discuss the week’s challenges,  relationship stuff, crutches, wins etc.   I am excited for next week and can see our meetings lasting a long while.  We will likely finish em up over a beer or two.


I just wanted to write this to share with you something that is bringing me joy.  Try and align yourself with a friend or acquaintance and meet with them weekly bi-weekly or monthly to discuss your goals, fears wins, and challenges.  It very valuable and really seems to focus you in on your targets.  This blog took me 9:01 to write.  I am getting better at this, before it was a good hour blocked out each day.

Have a good one!