Behind The Mountains There Are More Mountains

O no not again!

We are not motivated and our car broke,  we got laid off and your girlfriend dumped you and your getting kinda fat.

You seem to be getting hit with one thing after another after another.  This is not unique to you it is universal to the human

species.  Think of a baby they are met with struggle after struggle after struggle. This continues on forever by the way.   You can

not control what happens to you but you decide how you respond.   Getting upset and flailing around pushing negative energy

outward won’t do anything.   So why choose to make it negative.   You have a choice why choose to feel unpleasant.  It’s 100%

your fault you feel like shit so don’t blame others, choose to change it.    You cannot control the wind but you can control your

sails.   I think Morgan Freedman said that somewhere.  Anyway, It stuck with me.  Here is a rule of thumb that always helps me.

Usually, the answer is to do the uncomfortable thing.


The Obstacle becomes the way. 

If you don’t understand the concept that opportunity lies within your setbacks.   If you can not see this the universe will put the

same people, circumstances, and situations in your life until you learn!   She is trying to teach you something,  SO LISTEN

Have a great Monday and thank you for reading my blog.  I am grateful to you for that.