Progress no Perfection

If I can teach you one thing a day each and every day you will grow to be an amazing athlete.   

Those who make it in this world are the ones who focus on the moment. They take it day by day they don’t focus on the monsters

that may or may not be ahead.  Our workouts at Urban Animal Athletics forces you into the present if you deviate just a little bit

into the future example being, “O my god that was round and i  still have 4 rounds left to go.”  O god whyyyy! “This foresight will

make you feel hopeless in a stressful situation.   Usually, that is immediately met with you calming your ass down and just

focusing on the rep that’s directly under you.  Or you quit and stop growing altogether. .   This is the case in any difficult

situation. Calm down be in the present and thinking what do I have control over what can I do right this moment.

Then ACT.