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We'd love to meet you, show you around our facility and learn about you and your fitness goals. While you're here, we'll also give you a quick workout and give you a recommendation on the best way to help you meet your goals.

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Top 3 Reasons to Join

Exceptional Coaching »

Our coaches will work with you to make sure you’re moving safely and effectively, and will help encourage you when you need a little support.

Welcoming Community »

Our community is the family you always wanted. It’s not just the workouts that keep people coming back, it’s the friendships that have been created.

Amazing Results »

Just show up, have fun, and let the results speak for themselves. Or, ask some of our members how they feel now that they’re doing CrossFit.

Meet Our Fitness Family

Mital Brahmbhatt - I enjoy the camaraderie and the WODs

Mital Brahmbhatt - If you want to change your lifestyle, don't let the fear of CrossFit keep you from joining, let the fear ignite a fire in your belly to do what you may think is impossible become the possible!

Ronnie Byerly - Before joining, I needed a life change, wasn't on the best path, had to find something to guide me onto a better one.

Ruby Gamboa - The community is very encouraging and supportive regardless of your level so that has always been a plus for me.

Ronnie Byerly - If you are looking to change your life in a much more positive direction while discovering the truly amazing things your body is capable of, give Drew your credit card ASAP!

Emmet - My roommate had always talked about how awesome CFUA was, but I was intimidated by it. I was in a bad place emotionally and physically but instead of wallowing in it I decided to channel that energy into something positive. I was in the intro class the next night.


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